"Caring for the whole person, one piece at a time."


  • The Adullam Foundation
  • The Service and Leadership Training (S.A.L.T.) Foundation
  • Destiny Sozo
  • Godwashers
  • Powerfilled Prayer - The 40 Days Project
  • The NEXT Level
  • The Happy Cook's Club
  • Healthy & Empowered
  • IPOUR International Ministries
  • God's Will International Outreach 
  • A New Direction Foundation
  • College Park Chaplain's Police Benevolence Fund
  • Arch Angel Air
  • Three Seasons
  • Kingdom Carriers International Church
  • Heaven To Earth Nightly Prayer Line

Adullam on the move

mission & vision

Our mission is to minister to the whole person - Spirit, Soul and Body thereby empowering them to live the total Will of God for their life.

 Arthur Neal
God's Will International Outreach

​Falling In Love God's Way

Programs & projects

Each of our programs and projects are designed to minister to various parts of every individual in order to bring total God wholeness. 

Projects & programs

Geoffrey McKenzie
Archangel Air

team leaders & directors

Yvonne London
A New Direction Foundation


We are committed to keeping the hope and realization of God's promises alive by providing training, life skills development in all areas, and charity with accountability to those in need.

team leaders

Each project, program and/or ministry is lead by an Adullam certified team leader. Our leaders are purpose driven and filled with the love of God!

​ADULLAM is a conduit of hope and blessing that results in the empowerment of persons and their respective cultures.

Adrienne London
Healthy & Empowered