International Learning Project

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Adullam Ministries INC, International Projects

Monica McKenzie Early Childhood Institute (ECI)

Expansion Project

The Monica McKenzie ECI  (formerly Monica McKenzie Basic School), named after Dr. Monica McKenzie, the mother of Adullam Ministries' Chief Officer of Development, Geoffrey McKenzie, is located in Kingston, Jamaica. Dr. Monica, affectionately known as "Mons" was a godly woman whose ministry, vision, and generosity affected individuals all over the world. Over the past few years, the school which was originally built in 2008, became unable to adequately accommodate the students. With the donations from Adullam Ministries and several other individuals and organizations, an expansion and upgrade was added to the original site in 2017. Geoffrey and Jamelle McKenzie attended the dedication ceremonies and participated in the ribbon cutting and unveiling of the new sign for the school. In addition, a plaque with a picture of Dr. Monica, was placed in the teacher's office of the school in her memory.

The International School Project

In 2017, Adullam Ministries launched the International School Project in conjunction with God's Ambassadors of the Universe, located in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, WI. Caring volunteers assist teachers, students, and parents in 215 schools in Jamaica by providing spiritual support, educational materials, and basic supplies. In addition, plans are underway for the construction of quality homes for that will house needy families with school-aged children. It is Adullam's heart to ensure that these schools and their surrounding communities remain grounded and fruitful for years to come.

International Community Solutions Internship Project

​The Community Solutions Program is a professional development program for the best and brightest global community leaders working in transparency and accountability, tolerance and conflict resolution, environmental issues, and women and gender issues. Leaders participate in a four month US fellowship with a local nonprofit organization or government agency, structured virtual learning and networking via the Online Community Leadership Institute, and the design and implementation of follow-on projects in their home countries. Adullam and One Talent partnered to host one CSP fellow from August 2017 - December 2017. Our fellow will resided in College Park, GA in accommodations provided by Adullam and worked alongside Joann Allen, president of One Talent INC. At the conclusion the internship our fellow returned to her home country for a period of no less than two years to share what she learned and to implement similar programs in her community.